“Obadiah noticed a boat aground at the base of the Round Tower. He called to the figure sitting in the craft. The man was dead. One arm was locked around the tiller and the other clasped a bundle poking out of his coat. It was a baby and barely alive at that.”


  From ‘Borne on the Tide’



“Turning from the sea she looked at the crying women then snapped her eyes shut. Drowned sailors had no place in the mind of a girl who was getting engaged.”


  From ‘The Restless Tide’



“Beattie stood in front of the Orlando Bell picking out the letters of Joseph’s name. Here, she always had a glimmer of comfort like a flicker of a compass needle pointing her in the right direction.”


 From ‘Waiting for the Tide’



“It was a huge brick building facing the sea. Fidelis gripped the hand rail and climbed the steps to the entrance. Leo approached the desk. ‘We are Mr and Mrs Capulet, I made the reservation earlier.”


 From ‘The Water is Wide’



“Dora clasped her arms round the lion’s neck. Seconds later Lily sat behind her. Between them they hauled Charlie onto the lion’s rump. Uniformed figures marched with glinting rifles.”


From ‘Waiting for the Tide’



“Groups of people were laying bunches of flowers on the grass behind the entrance to the War Memorial. ‘All the toffs get to lay their flowers first,’ said an old man, almost throwing his chrysanthemums on the ground.”


From ‘Written on the Tide’



All photos taken by Spike Zephaniah Stephenson.